Before continuing to the form to renew your membership and/or register for the Annual Meeting, the ASA would like to draw your attention to two new developments with the 2017 membership renewal and registration form.

First, you will have the opportunity to donate to the ASA 60th Anniversary Campaign fund as part of your membership renewal payment. A donation to the 60th Anniversary Campaign Fund will support strategic initiatives that are critical to the ASA’s mission and which expand the impact and reach of the Association, including the expansion of the Presidential Fellows program, funding for the Emerging Scholars Network, conferences and events in Africa, and small grants for coordinate organizations. We encourage each of you to make donation to this fund during your membership renewal for 2017!

Secondly, as part of the restructuring of ASA Coordinate Organizations you will now be able to pay the dues of some coordinate organizations during your ASA membership renewal. The list of coordinate organizations that have opted into this program (and their dues rates) will show up as options to select during your ASA membership renewal. You can pay these in one financial transaction to simplify your renewals for coordinate organization memberships!

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You can donate to support a variety of ASA activities. As a 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to the ASA are tax deductible. Every contribution is important and every donation counts.

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If you are unsure about your membership status or have other membership questions, please contact Women's Caucus treasurer, Alicia Catharine Decker, acd207[at]psu.edu

GSA membership is for a calendar year and includes a copy of Ghana Studies. Please send enquiries to members.gsa@gmail.com. Africa-based members who are unable to pay online may contact the President at gsapresident2015@gmail.com for assistance.

If you have any questions, please contact Nigerian Studies Association Treasurer Chika Okoye, chika.okoye@rutgers.edu.

If you have any questions, please contact Islam in Africa Studies Group Treasurer Erin Pettigrew, erin.pettigrew@nyu.edu

If you have any questions about LASO, please contact Regina Roberts, Treasurer, at regirob@stanford.edu

If you have any questions about the Lagos Studies Association, please contact Saheed Aderinto at saderinto@email.wcu.edu.

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