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Graduate Student Paper Prize Winners

Graduate Student Paper Prize Winners
2002 - Benjamin Lawrance, “Le Revolte des Femmes: Economic Upheaval and the Gender of Political Authority in Lome, Togo, 1931-33”
2003 - Staffan Lindberg, “The ‘Democraticness’ of Multiparty Elections: Participation, Competition, and Legitimacy in Africa”
2004 - Kristin E. Cheney, “Village Life is Better than Town Life': identity, migration and development in the Lives of Ugandan child citizens”
2005 - Abena Dove Osseo-Asare, “'Dangerous Properties': Poisoned Arrows and the Case of Strophanthus hispidus in Colonial Gold Coast, 1885 - 1922"
2006 - Severine Autesserre, “Local Violence, National Peace?  Local Dynamics of Violence during the Transition in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo”
2007 - Habtamu Mengistie Tegegne, “Revisiting Land Tenure in Eighteenth Century Gondärine Ethiopia: Zéga and the Land Charter of Däbrä-Sehay Qwesqwam Church”
2008 - Kristin D. Phillips, “Consuming the State: Hunger, Healing, and Citizenship in Rural Tanzania”
2009 - Bert Ingelaere, “Peasants, Power, and Ethnicity: Centre and Periphery in the Knowledge Construction in/on Post-Genocide Rwanda”
2010 - Laura Weinstein, "The Politics of Government Expenditures in Tanzania: 1999-2007"
2011 - Noel Twagiramungu, “The Anatomy of Leadership: A view-from-within Post-genocide Rwanda”
2013 - Jamie Miller, “Yes, Minister: Reassessing South Africa’s Intervention in the Angolan Civil War”
2014 - Catherine Porter, “Bound and Unbound Identities: The Reconstruction of Katanga's Nationhood Struggle”
2015 - Kathleen Klaus, "Contentious Land Claims and the Non-Escalation of Violence: Evidence from Kenya’s Coast Region”
2016 - Moritz Nagel, “Precolonial Segmentation Revisited: Initiation Societies, Talking Drums and the Ngondo Festival in the Cameroons”
2017 - Amanda B. Edgell, "Vying for the 'Man's Seat' - Constituency Magnitude and Mainstream Female Candidature for Non-Quota Seats in Uganda and Kenya"

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